Nuendo 10 - special 40% discount

I’ve had almost every incarnation of Cubase since 1999. Wondering if all of my VST instruments will transfer over to Nuendo as well.
I would hate to buy that crap all over again.

As long as they’re 64 bit, they should yes. I’ve never had a plugin not work in Nuendo that works fine in Cubase. I’ve had plugins that don’t work in either though :wink:

I tried emailing, but no word yet.

Can I get crossgrade (from Logic Pro X) AND student pricing? Hope so :slight_smile:

I took advantage of the 40% discount and purchased a copy of Nuendo 10. Very happy with it! I was disappointed that I missed last year Cubase’s 30th annual sale. But this Nuendo 20th annual sale made it up for me. :grinning: Thank you Steinberg!

Nuendo 10.3 has everything Cubase 10.5 Pro has to offer (except VST transit). Why keeping both? I think Steinberg knows it and that’s why they are making Cubase owners to give up their Cubase licenses.

Hi, all! I was wondering how much the discount would be if I trade and crossgrade from Cubase 10.5 Pro and Studio One 4.6 together to Nuendo. Thanks in advance!

I don’t know 100% but I doubt they would allow you to do this, it is cheaper to cross-grade from Cubase but you lose access to your Cubase licence (in my opinion this isn’t such an issue as Nuendo does everything Cubase does but I know some people are not happy about losing access).


Interesting thought.

If you’re an enrolled student, you’re eligible for the Nuendo Student version. It is even cheaper than
the competitive crossgrade.



I’m interested in Nuendo 10.
Is it possible to crossgrade from Cubase AI 10.5 to Nuendo 10? If possible, is the one with €239,40?
Thank you.

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No, as you can see Cubase AI is not in the list of valid crossgrades to Nuendo. But there is a very good price for upgrading AI to Cubase Pro 10.5.
And if you do that upgrade, you could then crossgrade further from your new Cubase Pro to Nuendo if you like.

thanks a lot!
just buy Cubase Artist to get free Cubase Pro. :smiley:

I initiated the competitor crossgrade on 10 July 2020, but the system requested my verification. I haven’t received a reply yet on that, so I am hoping that the delay caused by this is not going to create a problem with the 40% discount. Would appreciate some confirmation from Steinberg. Thanks :slight_smile:

Is there an easy way to import settings into Nuendo (Midi and Audio connections) from Cubase Pro 10.5 , if I choose to crossgrade?

It has been a MONTH, and I have received absolutely no reply on the status of my request.

Did I waste my money trying to upgrade my Nuendo 1.52???

I am also contacting my Sweetwater rep, to get some sort of result, or a REFUND.

I am trying to get away from Avid Pro Tools, but this sort of non service is going to make it really hard to do so.


Nicholas Sevilla

Congrats on the 20th anniversary, I bought it!

PLEASE FIX THE 4K HIDPI issues though in WINDOWS, please!!!

Not only does the menu bar behave strangely ,but my plugins and the video player are cut off.

Hey, did the discount end? Been away the last few weeks and finally had some time to do the upgrade, but it seems to be back up to the old price?

Original post didn’t say anything about the offer expiring at any point as far as I could see. Seemed to imply the offer stood while the pandemic was a thing.

Since the discount has ended, this topic needs to be unpinned and locked, since it is misleading. I was about to order another version too, it was a bit disappointing to see that the normal price is up again.

I Just changed the status.
If we leave it alone, it will drop down.


OP really should be updated to say that it has expired, in fact OP should have stated an expiry date in the first place.

Pretty pissed off that I missed the offer because I thought I had more time.