Nuendo 10 to 12 presets on UAD

I just updated to 12 and my old presets in my UAD plugins won’t load. If I try and save, I can see them, but not when I try and load them.

Any ideas before I have to do them all again manually?


Which presets? UAD presets or N12 presets?

The UAD ones.

Seems like the Vst preset files are of a different size when I save. Must be incompatible. It took a few hours but I copied all the presets over.

These are the Nuendo presets, not UAD’s own system… The UAD system should be compatible over all versions.

Yeah, but I think since the plugin has been updated, the old ones won’t open. That’s all I can guess.

But UAD isn’t using the VST preset files. It uses fxp files…
UAD is still VST2.

Mine aren’t fxp files.

That’s what I’m saying.

It’s never saved them as fxp files. Even now once I re set all my personal presets. Just changed from 7kb to 9kb.