Nuendo 10 Trial Activation

I really hope I didn’t screw up my Nuendo trial, I activated it on September 5th (5 days ago) on my Windows computer. I primarily use Mac for audio production, but I installed and activated the trial on my Windows computer just to make sure it and my usb licenser worked. It did, so I installed Nuendo on my Mac and got to where it said it had already been activated, so I removed the Windows license thinking I could activate for Mac. Now I can’t reactivate the demo on the Windows computer. Does anyone know if I can fix this? I really hope I didn’t buy the usb licenser just for a 5 day trial.

Hi harrymiln3,

you can actually use your trial version on both your Windows and your Mac computers, but not at the same time. Just make sure to connect your USB-eLicenser to the computer you are using Nuendo on and it will work. The USB-eLicenser has to be connected to the computer the whole time you are working with Nuendo.

All the best,