Nuendo-10 Trial Version Problem

I downloaded the N10 Trial version in good time to evaluate N10.1 and N10.2 (which was promised for release at the beginning of July and has still not been released).

Due to the fact that the trial period counts down even when I am asleep or doing a million other things that can not include testing the product, I only have 7 days of the trial left. (I know, spectacularly unhelpful).

Therefore my question is will N.10.2 be released within the next few days, or if not, will I be able to obtain an extension of the trial period to enable me to evaluate the product as expected?

An answer from a Steinberg official would be much appreciated.

At present. I am not convinced that I even need to move on to N10, but perhaps Video Export will clinch it.


Same for me on Video functionality.

The same for me. +1

It seems that N10.2 is not being released until sometime in September (see link below).

So what now for those of us whose Trial versions are expiring shortly? - We started the trials with the expectation of being able to include N10.2 within the testing period.

Will I/we be able to get new trial versions or extensions to the trial versions so that we can test what we were expecting to be able to test?