Nuendo 10 trial

Hi! It has been a very long time! I have not upgraded since N 5.5 and see there is a version 10 and feel it may be time. Before I buy Ten, I have some questions and I’m wondering if someone can help. I am using a Tascam Dm 4800 and have used it successfully as a remote control for Nuendo 5.5 for years flawlessly. It has been almost 10 years since I set it up and cant remember the steps. I have all the settings right on the Dm 4800 and in Nuendo 5.5 I used the Mackie control settings if I remember correctly. From looking in N10, I did not see it there…does anyone know how I would get this going. Also, if I upgrade to N10 will I still have assess to the N5.5 on my computer or does that get wiped out in the upgrade. Thanks everyone :smiley:

Mackie Control can be installed from within Nuendo-10 : Studio/Studio Setup.

N10 will not wipe out N5.5 - it will be installed in its own folder so you will be able to run both versions on the same computer.

The above is true for Windows. I’m not sure about Mac but it is probably the same.

Awesome! Thanks for the info Chris Ill check it out.

Awesome! Thanks for the info Chris Ill check it out.