Nuendo 10 with Multi-Connect in Source-Connect


We’re using the Multi-Connect option in Source-Connect to do remote VO and sweetening sessions. I’ve been using it standalone with hardware I/O and briefly messed around with it from within ProTools, today I attempted from within Nuendo and it appears to not work properly.

Inserting the Source-Link plugin and configuring multiple Source Connect instances with the correct Link I/O, here are the issues -

  • Clicking on the Disable button on the Source-Link plugin disables it, enabling it increments the plugin ID number instead of keeping it the same. Doing it again it continues to increment. Example - if I have four instances and disable plugin ID 1, enabling it brings it back as plugin ID 5. Disabling and enabling again brings it back as plugin 6.
    The only way around this is to disable all the instances then enable them in the order needed. This does not prevent operation but I’m not sure it’s the desired behavior.

  • This issue prevents us from using it within Nuendo. When using multiple instances and setting them all to different Link I/O numbers matching the Source-Link IDs, the Source-Link window indicates audio Send correctly but the four Source-Connect applications are sending the one audio Send. Example - if I have four instances each set to different IDs and sending audio only on instance one, the Source-Link plugin window indicates correctly, audio only on Send instance one. However the Source-Connect windows all indicate Send level incorrectly, and they all are sending the same audio, therefore not the correct audio. Yes, I’ve checked many times that my routing is correct, restarted everything, etc.

These Multi-Connect issues do not occur using the AAX Source-Link plugin in PT nor in standalone mode.

I’m going to write to Source-Connect but wanted to know if anyone has used it this way in Nuendo, I suspect the VST Multi-Connect integration is not quite correct.



In case someone else searches for this problem.
SE support got back to me, the problem is reproducible in the VST version of Source-Link and a fix is not in the pipeline at this time. One workaround is to set up an Aggregate Device with our Madi interfaces and Source-Nexus then route the sends through Source-Nexus. Not ideal but…


And - they gave me a temp license for Source Nexus basic to enable Nuendo use with Multi-Connect until they fix the issue.