Nuendo 11.0.10 Constant Crashes on Clean TOL System, Usually Groove Agent or Quick Random Crashes

Nuendo 11.0.10 on Windows CONSTANTLY crashes on me after around 30 minutes normally or 3-5 mins in certain Steinberg VSTs (GA5,GA5SE) and depending on what I do. Usually lately it has been in Groove Agent, Sometimes just quits randomly, sometimes it freezes. I had almost ZERO crashes in V10.

Clean top of the line Intel, NVIDIA 3090, MSI Godlike motherboard system, RME Babyface FS, latest Windows/drivers/bios. No other programs have problems, games, other DAWs etc.

MOST often it says nothing in what caused the crash in the safe mode screen when i reload.

Some times after the crash it was the c:\windows\system32\synsoacc.dll

sometimes it says groove agent 5, 5 se

Usually it was Groove Agent 5, Groove Agent 5 SE. One time I just pressed CRTL-A to select all presets to change the rating and it instantly exited and crashed on that.

So it doesnt seem to be any 3rd party plugins. I tried reinstalling Nuendo 11.0.10 but nothing is helping.

If I let it play for 1 hour and return, it usually has closed from a crash…

Sometimes it just freezes and I have to go to task manager and close it.

How do I send this to Steinberg support as well, I sent an email to them… They should have a dedicated email to send the DMP files to like Ableton does.



What about power management / saving settings in the OS (Win 10, I assume)?

Hmm, I cannot see that on this powerful machine but thanks, I’ll of course triple check.

Its always on ultimate performance in Windows and does not turn off at all except when I shut down. I also use the machine for a lot of gaming, so I use the most power I can for FPS, 1200W! The NVIDIA 3090 also helps heat my room in the winter ;>

Another quick update, I did not change anything (except install a few plugins and Groove Agent expansions!) - but it has been stable now for the last 24 hours after crashing constantly the prior few days EVERY session sometimes within 2-3 minutes.

Very confused on why. I also submitted tickets to Yamaha support group with the DMP files.

Maybe Steinberg wanted me to add more GA5 expansions? ;> Still we need to find the stability issues for myself and others in the future.

Steinberg if you see this - can you make a dedicated to send DMP files to? We don’t need a response, but it may help in the long term to see bug trends.

When I was having Ableton issues I sent every crash to their email and eventually somehow it did not crash in future updates.

Well, I bit the bullet and decided it was time for a spring cleaning reformat…

Now it crashes much less frequently!

I have no idea what the problem was, but it seems that worked.

I hope Steinberg can figure out what the instability was as this was the only program acting up.

Anyhow, that was like throwing the baby out with the bath water but it solved my problem.

I hope Steinberg checks the DMP files and creates an automated email to send DMP files too.