Nuendo 11.0.20 can´t open 11.0.10 files!

I am trying to open a project which is made a version 11.0.10 but I´ve got this error message all the time

Any help?


No issue on my system until now…
Try again… maybe it’s just an momentary problem…

A bit more information on the system could help…

I reboot studio but no luck.

WIN 10 (all updates)
Xeon 2680 V2
32G ram

Nuendo 11.0.20
RME Fireface and Madiface
Lots of hardware!


Rauno, looking at the Logo on that message box, it looks like you started an earlier version of Nuendo, and then tried to open a more recent project.

If not, then also keep in mind that Windows has a tendency to associate .npr files to earlier versions of Nuendo, if they are both installed on your system.

Best procedure is to Shift Right-click on the .npr file, and chose “Open with” from the drop down menu. Then chose Nuendo 11.0.2 as the default program.

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I try to use import tracks from other projects. Very good feature and works before v.11.0.20 very smoothly!

Nothing helps. I try open file in many ways, all so different computer etc.

I have used Nuendo since V1 early 2000, newer have this kind a problem before.


Yeah, to me it also looks like you are starting Nuendo 11.0.0 or 10 “accidently”. No problems here on my system.

No I´m inside Nuendo 11.0.20 and try to import tracks from other project!