Nuendo 11.0.20, macOS, Intel vs M1

A small test: the same session on a 2020 Intel MacBook Pro and a 2020 M1 MacBook Air.

The result: the Nuendo session on the M1 uses less CPU. Thanks Steinberg!

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Anyone compared Nuendo/Cubase on the old mac pro (5.1-12 core) vs the M1?


Not the Mac Pro you’re asking about, but a Mac Pro nonetheless. Same Nuendo session .

Thanks, that is interesting. Would you say that in real life use the M1 is at least as powerful as your mac pro?

I’m looking to replace my old mac pro. It’s got all the power I need, but it’s getting old… I’m kind of on hold for the M1x (or M2) but wondering if the M1 actually is enough for me.

I rarely use the Mac Pro or my M1 MacBook Air to their maximum potential, except maybe when I’m doing some video compression. And there are some other variable at play: PCI cards, number of possible video monitors, etc. Maybe a M1 Mac mini would be sufficient for your use, but if I had to replace a Mac Pro, I would probably wait for an Apple Silicon Mac Pro.

Just for the fun of numbers, I ran a Reaper project (essentially the same as the Nuendo project) on my M1 MacBook Air using the Apple Silicon version of Reaper and the Intel version of Reaper. I also ran the same session on my Intel MacBook Pro and the Intel Mac Pro. The plug-ins used in the session are Intel-compiled plug-ins.

Apple Silicon Reaper on M1 MacBook Air

Intel Reaper on M1 MacBook Air

Intel Reaper on Intel MacBook Pro

Intel Reaper on Intel Mac Pro

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