Nuendo 11.02 relinking files... ugh.. always one at a time?

I discovered this when my “Content” drive became unmounted and I opened Nuendo. I was prompted to locate the VST content which lives on the ‘missing’ drive… fair enough. I mounted the drive and pointed the location dialog to the file it wanted on the now available drive. No problem. But then Nuendo wanted to go through each content file one by one! What? Nothing I could do would get it see all the files right there in the same folder.

I couldn’t even quit the process or quit Nuendo!! I had to Force quit. ( there was an option to forget the files… but I wasn’t sure it would just lose track of the content. It’s not a “Skip” button!.

So thats annoying… but today I received a project via AFF. Unusually the AAF file and the AAF content were in separate packages/files. ( from Premiere V15 ). Nuendo loaded and parsed the AAF file OK but then asked me where the content was. I pointed it at the AAF Media Package and Nuendo found the first file… but then it wanted the second file… then the third… again one at a time!!! For this case it was an impossible task. The producer is going to have to resend as an embedded package. But still, what is wrong with Nuendo?

Surely it should recognize when all the required content is present and just link it all??

Am I missing something here?

Instead of clicking the ‘Locate’ button you should be able to click ‘Folder’ and point it at the folder all the files are in and it will link them all.

It is obnoxious however that it seems to find random files on its own (usually but not always just the first channel of a stereo pair, for me at least) but in spite of all the rest of the files already being in the same folder with the EXACT names its looking for, it can’t find them on its own. It’s been broken like this forever.

The folder button seemsn to be missing on your Nuendo…

Thanks for Chiming in!

Hmmm… so if Nuendo Launches without the “Program Content Drive” mounted I get this

( the content was all moved to this drive with the SB Library Manager )
Should there be a “Folder” button? I make the drive available and locate the missing file

And Nuendo simply asks for the next one…

and on and on. Even If I click “Ignore” it’s a one at a time selection process to ignore a missing package.

Cant Quit Nuendo … have to Force Quit.

Then when I mount the drive all is fine. No issue for this drive … but I see the behavior in other aspects of the app too. I dont get it.

Your problem is related to the Libraries not to audio files… the audio files have a folder button…

Haven’t read the whole thread, but have you actually tried to locate the Sound Libraries?
Even if they apparently are in the right place ?


Ah Libraries… not strictly audio files. Yes thats true . Good point.

Fredo: I can absolutely locate the Libraries one-at-a time … but I would have expected that that Nuendo would “find” all the Libraries located in the Folder along side the first located library.

As I said… this exact example isn’t a problem, I can remount the missing drive, but the same thing happened to me with an AFF Package of audio files. I could use the same “Locate” pane to point Nuendo to the AAF package and find individual files which were listed as being in the package, but there were so many I gave up!

Seems like the Library/Package inspector should be smarter?

What do I know?

AFAIK, once you have located “a” library in the new location, all of the libraries in the same location will be automatically linked. Or at least, after re-locating your library, locate them once, and then you are good. As far as I can judge, you are using a template (or an old project), which is still searching for your samples in the “old” location.


AFAIK, you can search for each individual event, or “locate the folder”.
I have done this a gazillion times with referenced AAF files.
You locate one file, and the rest is recognized too.


Yes, last time I did it, it worked exactly this way…