Nuendo 11.1 Patch update release?

Hi Everyone,

Is there any word on when Nuendo 11.1 patch update is coming? If I recall it was sometime in January of this year but I could be wrong.

just around January…

I think I read something about end January or begin of February

yes, mentioned here:

It’s January 22nd now. ANY UPDATES at all?!!? We’ve only got a week left. How end of January is it going to be?

They said in the other thread that they anticipate end of January/early February so it could be beginning of next month unless Steinberg jumps in with more details. We’ll see.

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so everything till the 8th of February is possible

Would be nice if also the font issue / bug of the timecode in the video window would be removed with N11.1! Font timecode of the video player.

Cubase 11.0.1 is out now.


N11.0.10 is also available via the Steinberg Download Assistant


Please tell, how to inform the developer of some errors in work of Nuendo 11?
For example, on the Steinberg HUB page it is impossible to delete previously opened links (the item “Remote from list” does not work)

This is amazing that they haven’t sorted this out since Introducing 11.0 and they have even created more problems in this 11.0.10 minor maintenance update.
Is Steinberg oblivious to having beta testers ? Or indeed any users within the company using the software at any point?

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Well, the crashing from the graphics card issue was driving me crazy. I’m very happy to have that worked out.

Also, for some plugins, the ability to take a screenshot has disappeared. How can I reach developers? I did not find a connection with them on the site. Obviously, Steinberg considers himself ideal and does not need to listen to user feedback.

On 11.0.10 with my Mac and black magic eGPU I seemed to be getting some weird delayed graphic inconsistencies. Such as atlas drum VST soloing by sound within the plugin but not showing solo graphically or if it did it was 4 seconds later…Another plugin display acting unusual. Very strange.
I have since time machined back to 11.0.003 and that seems fine. However meters are still stuck on +3db and not sure how I can sort that via preferences? Have tried configuration in presets file. Have also noticed that there is no option to change the colours or configuration for the main stereo control Meter, any more. Anyone know where I can download original 11 rather than 11.0.10.
What system do you have and what graphic problems were sorted?

Where can I find the previous 11…0 as there only seems to be 11.0.10 online ?


indeed, N11.0.10 does not crash any more when trying to add a 5.1.4 group as a bed to Dolby Atmos.

However, Dolby Atmos does not accept the 5.1.4 group as a valid source. It just does not add it. Not sure, whether this is kind of “works as specified”, as 5.1.4 is not supported in this context. Or it is yet another bug. Adding 7.1.2 groups works fine.

For the time being, I will continue to use the concept of “object beds” for 7.1.4 groups and leave the 10x bed tracks unused. Not yet sure, whether this causes other drawbacks.

Thanks to the guy, which triggered this idea of object beds in another thread here in the forum.

LG, Juergi

“We have received reports about graphical issues (spinning balls) on systems using AMD Radeon Pro Vega series graphic cards on macOS previous to macOS Big Sur. Apple has fixed the issue with macOS Big Sur. If you don’t want to or cannot update to macOS Big Sur, we have added a new preference, Disable GPU Acceleration in the category User Interface. This will solve the issue on versions of macOS prior to Big Sur. Be aware that selecting the preference will considerably affect the performance of the user interface.”

I was getting frequent hangs/crashes. This solved that issue.

Ah yes thanks for that, I had seen and skipped that… I was fine at 11 but have had some weird things happening with plug-ins on .10. Will try this out.

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If you can get through to support it may well be 8 weeks or so before they reply.