Nuendo 11 and Steinberg Shop Hell

I’ve been trying to crossgrade to Nuendo 11 from ProTools because I was fed up with Avid reliability and the dismal level of support. But it seems I’ve entered a crazier world here…
Doing the crossgrade, taking advantage of a discount offered at the end of May. I sent in my PT proof of ownership and days later got the OK to buy by clicking the link. I followed the link, paid and was sent Nuendo crossgrade for Steinberg products :frowning:
Support took 10 days to not send me the correct version they just processed a refund and told me to order again BUT with no discount. It is now weeks later and support won’t offer a discount code unless I supply an order number but the shop doesn’t generate order numbers until after you pay full price. Nor will they tell me what discount they’ll give me.
It’s now over a month since I tried to buy Nuendo 11. I’m worried.
Service at the point of sale is terrifyingly bad - when they want your custom. What is it like as a customer? Am I doing a foolish thing wanting to switch to Nuendo?


Once you ordered from the Steinberg Shop, you should have gotten an email (from with your order details and invoice.

As for the correct version, I don’t understand what happened.
Once you have created an account (MySteinberg), you should have a download code to be used in the Steinberg Download Manager, which will offer you nothing but the correct version you purchased. And then you cill be provided with a correct license code to activate your eLicenser.

Now, it might be that the crossgrade has a different procedure, that is out of my comfort zone.
But what you describe seems very strange.
Normally, the Steinberg Shop & Download manager works perfectly.

Maybe one of my collegues can offer more help.


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What you mean with this?
Nuendo 11 is a download… the program files are available for download to everybody…

You just need an eLicenser, a MySteinberg account and the activation code…

Hang in there @Estek – you are going to love Nuendo, I hope your issue is resolved soon.
I recently crossgraded from Cubase and the email with the order details and activation code came within seconds after purchase – however, the invoice did not.

EDIT: Invoice was easily found by a link in said email from Steinberg Online Shop. All is good :+1:

Yeah when they send the right version

That’s where it it doesn’t make sense.
“They” don’t send you anything, “you” download the correct version.
And the version you can download is the one you bought.

When you say that they send you the worng version, which version did you get?



I wish Fredo!
Once my crossgrade was approved, they sent me a link to purchase - Unfortunately I thought they sent me to a dedicated page for the ProTools Crossgrade purchase, so I clicked the crossgrade button and ended up with the Cubase Crossgrade :frowning: The link was just a link back to Nuendo Shop. And now over a month later I’m waiting to repurchase the correct one at the discount they offered then…
Deeply frustrated. :weary:
Does anyone have a direct contact I can email as the ‘system’ between asknet and Steinberg just seems to be a mess of horribly slow communication? Is there a real person anywhere?

The trial version we wanted to legitimise has now expired and the studios are at the point of giving up on the transition.

hmmm… no e-mail contacts at hand
but maybe @TimoWildenhain or @Ed_Doll could provide some assistance

Hello Estek. First, thank you for your interest in Nuendo! I am sorry for the delay and the confusion the order has caused.

However, you are in contact with a real person already (Ms. Buckley) who already offered a workaround for the fact that the Nuendo sales promotion ended some time ago. I hope that the workaround is acceptable.

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would love to hear if your problems get solved…