NUENDO 11 available now - The Gold Standard for Professional Audio

Dear Nuendo users,

I’m more than excited to announce the availability of the new major release – NUENDO 11!
After working on this update for more than 1,5 years, partnering with Dolby Labs, Fraunhofer Group, Soundly, and more brands, we’re happy to release this new version to you today.

Nuendo 11 is probably the most elaborate release in recent years and sets standards in many different areas thanks to new and exciting features such as a fully integrated Dolby Atmos production environment, integrated intelligibility measurement and Netflix loudness metering, amongst many other new functions.

Overview on new features in Nuendo 11.0:

  • Dolby Atmos production workflow for authoring content to Dolby Atmos specification

  • Enhanced export capabilities for exporting files in ADM format.

  • SuperVision elaborate metering plug-in suite with customizable settings

  • Netflix Loudness Meter for ensuring your streamed content is compliant to Netflix specifications.

  • Intelligibility Meter for making sure dialog is both audible and intelligible to the listener.

  • Job Queues for queueing multiple jobs with different export requirements all at once.

  • Soundly Cloud Services support for sending files from Soundly into Nuendo 11 with just one click

  • GameAudioConnect now supports CRI middleware

  • GameAudioConnect SDK now available for the implementation of proprietary game engines

  • MultiTap Delay Surround Support now supporting up to 5.1 surround sound.

  • SpectraLayers One for surgically editing sound in the spectral domain.

  • Sampler Track including slicing, LFOs and legato glide.

  • Scale Assistant allows you to follow, quantize and play live to a set scale.

  • Advanced Key Editor for creating perfect pitch bends and more.

  • Global Tracks lets you stay in sync more easily.

  • Frequency 2 is an amazingly precise dynamic EQ for better mixing.

  • Imager for placing up to 4 bands of different frequencies in independent locations (stereo field).

  • Squasher let’s you improve leads, tame bass and enhance reverb for EDM.

  • Score Editor featuring new workflow improvements and beautiful new fonts.

  • New Samples , including six fresh, exclusive sound and loop sets.

  • Enhanced workflow including ARA improvements, variable DPI for WIN, Marker Lines.

  • VST Connect SE 5 for remote recording over the Internet.

  • EUCON integration update for compatibility with the newest AVID consoles (11.0.10).

  • Direct Offline Processing (DOP) Pin Process for a smoother workflow.

  • Apple Metal Acceleration for best performance by communicating directly with your Mac’s GPU.

  • New Track pictures for visually identifying different track types.

  • Renderer for the creation and mix of object-based content using the OSC network protocol.

  • Optimized performance for large, multi-track recording projects, for systems with 8+ cores.

  • 750 new premium sound effects for games, for Foley, ambiences, impacts, vehicles and weapons.

  • 200 new plug-in and track presets , including sounds of everyday devices (Radio, Skype voice etc.).

  • Various additional workflow and user interface improvements.

For Nuendo 11, we also reworked the Nuendo website, including new tutorials on almost all the new features – HAVE A LOOK!

See the new website with all the information on Nuendo 11:

Special price offer until December 31, 2020:
This year marks the 20th anniversary of Nuendo and thus wer reduced all Nuendo 11 updates by 20% until end of the year. Have a look here:

Information on Grace Period:
Customers buying or activating Nuendo 10 or earlier (Retail, Crossgrade from Cubase, Educator, Student, Update to a previous Nuendo version), from November 11, 2020 qualify for the Grace Period. This means that they will receive a free downloadable update to Nuendo 11 once available.
Please check if you’re eligible for the Grace Period here:

P.S. You plan to equip a new studio with Nuendo 11 or expand on a current installations? Let us know at

Thank you for your ongoing support!

Have fun,

Hello there,

I got Nuendo yesterday (the latest 10 version that was available ) and Just activate it today and it shows me I still have 10 and I didn’t got the grace period for 11, do you know if there is any problem there?

Hello, you’re definitely eligible for the GP. Did you check here?


Do I need to check ? I mean it was activated today 15 min ago, maybe the system need to update?

ok never mind it work’s now after pressing maintenance :slight_smile: can’t wait to check it out

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Congrats on the release :partying_face:
Does the Atmos renderer in Nuendo also support binaural monitoring on headphones? Looking at the videos and documentation I couldn’t find a definitive answer.
(asking because it’s also a feature in the production suite “Create and monitor headphone mixes with advanced binaural render mode metadata” ,

edit: found it, nvm.

Bought, installed and working!!! Thank you guys!! You ROCK!!! :boom: :boom: :boom:


Thank you Robin, much appreciated!

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No time to post comments)) I need to finish my work first (in N11 ofcourse)

Bought, installed and playing with it ! Lots of new stuff to check actually…
Hopefully I’ll get my nickname back too.

You guys rock !

Do we still need the Dolby Production Suite to deliver a final Atmos Master file to streaming services like Tidal and Amazon?

Installed and working fine so far!

Thanks a lot!

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Is there a trial available and do you have a link?I found the trial page but it’s still just for 10. I’d like to see if 11 is managing Perforce better - still making my decision whether to bring it into our studio.

There has been no change for Perforce for the initial version of 11. As I mentioned, we’re happy to look into the issues that you’re facing. I think you’re in contact with our Planning Team already re the GAC SDK. Let them know what specific issue you encounter with Perforce and we’ll check it.


That’s great Timo thanks, I’ll send an additional email. Anyhow looks like trials aren’t set up yet for 11, but I’d still like to give it a run if you good folks can get them set up.

No-brainer update. Great features, great price.

Can’t wait to finish this stupid job I’m on so I can install and try out.

Good stuff Timo.


Thank you, much appreciated. We’ve really been working on this to capacity.

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I’m absolutely loving the new HiDPI support, thank you Nuendo team for adding this feature! Me and my eyes are incredibly grateful. Looking forward to playing with all the new stuff too.


Hi Timo
Could you please let me know this?
Do we still need the Dolby Production Suite to deliver a final Atmos Master file to streaming services like Tidal and Amazon?