NUENDO 11 available now - The Gold Standard for Professional Audio

Working very well.
Doing a new production with it now.
Batch exporting que is brill.


Thanks. I have yet to install 11 either. It took me almost an hour of battling the Steinberg online shop to get the order to go through (incompatibilities with Safari, credit card getting blocked, etc. etc.). So needless to say, the haphazzard purchase process has me a little gun-shy on even installing while in the middle of a project. :grimacing:

Please bring it back!

Installed and running, works and looks great. Good job.

Good job! Looks good :blush:

Hi Timo. Any update about Houston support? Can we expect it to return in a update soon?

Hi Rob, we’re going to release an update for Nuendo 11 within the next 2 weeks. This update will bring back Houston support.


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Hi Timo,

Will this update be released for Cubase 11 as well?


Impressive V11. Thank you for your work.

Hi Timo,

I was super excited about the new version.
I use Nuendo since version 8.0.
I was very disappointed because 2 changes (I’m waiting for these changes since 2017)
still not in this version… :frowning:

  1. Some customization in ADR subtitle section (font/size/position/line number change for example)

  2. Export in different formats in “Export selected events” part (mp3, other resolution, etc.)
    Now I need to use other DAW for batch export to change wav to mp3 after I exported it in wav in Nuendo. Really inconvenient and the lack of this option is quite inexplicable. :((

  3. I can’t find audio clip change options in Pool window (Command+P) like convert a stereo clip to mono. Did you remove it from there???

(On top of it all, I was never any problem with 8, and 10 but now there was 2 stops during a recording session in the last 4 weeks (dropout). Strange. I’m on Mojave so Big Sur is surely not the problem, system/ssds are in perfect condition.)

Thanks and take care yourself,

Is it normal for N11 to start from scratch and not migrate any of the setup from N10.3? Seems like it will be a lot of work to do all that manually.

If it’s not normal, any idea how to fix it? Could it be because I installed the trial version?

OK, I just copied the prefs from N10.3 into the N11 folder and that seems to have worked to fully migrate my 10.3 settings, but it seems gross to do that - I hope it won’t cause some weird issue later.

Hey Mark,

Thank you for the feedback. Re ADR customization, this is something we have on the evaluation list for the next Nuendo major update, which will have a focus on ADR.

Regarding the batch export, I understand that this is not convenient. A fast intermediate solution until we something better implemented in Nuendo is WaveLab. Do you have WaveLab by any chance?
If so, you can create a “Watch folder” that can hold a variety of processes/functions, such as format conversion, limiting, etc.
Anything exported into that folder will be automatically processed according to the processes that have been assigned to the folder. So there is no import/export into another product necessary. Watch folders run in the background without the need of having WaveLab open. Just in case you need to do that very often. (there is also a trial version of WaveLab 10 available).

Re clip change - not to my knowledge has been something removed, but I can check.
Dropouts should not happen, sorry to hear that. If this continues to happen, we should

Thanks & stay healthy,

Thanks Timo, I’ll check WaveLab but an integrated solution would be my dream… :slight_smile:

I just installed the first update, let’s see if it solves these rare dropouts…

Waiting for your kind reply about the Pool changes (maybe it can be changed somewhere in settings but I always use “vanilla” settings for Pool (if has any settings for it at all) that’s why I don’t understand it.

ADR overhaul is very welcome! :smiley:

Anyway, Nuendo rules and your Support as well! :slight_smile:

Keep well,

Thank you Mark, much appreciated!

recently worked on a project. the new improvements really caught my eye and quite a value addition to the project

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That’s great