Nuendo 11 BSOD - portcls.sys

I have a dual boot computer. Both boot partitions have Windows 10 21H1 installed. The studio side runs Nuendo 11.2 just fine. I installed Nuendo a few days ago on the other boot partition. After it launches, I get a BSOD. I thought maybe it was an audio driver issue so I opened a support case with Lynx Studio (Aurora 16). I sent them the crash dmp file. They said I should send it to Steinberg as the problem is with Nuendo. I attached the files. It says something about portcls.sys. I opened a support case a few days ago but have not received any correspondence.
Have any of you run into this issue?

Crash dumps:
5312: Nuendo11 crashing in portcls!CPackerMXF::ProcessQueues
5281: Nuendo11 crashing in portcls!CPackerMXF::ProcessQueues

It’s odd that no one else is seeing this. Must be something odd with this boot partition or some app I already have installed. I don’t feel like a complete rebuild so I will keep waiting on support. No email yet.

Just to follow-up on this. There has been no communication from Steinberg since opening a case two weeks ago. I guess I’ve never really needed support in the last 20 years. I can now understand the frustration.

I’m guessing it’s because you’re dual booting and running Nuendo on both. Perhaps there’s a driver issue. Do a search for “portcls.sys” and you’ll find people reporting BSODs.

I’ve done a ton of searches and experiments. Nothing solves it. I will just uninstall Nuendo and Wavelab on that partition. I have to say I am very disappointed that tech support never even sent back a single email. That’s very poor customer support. Actually, that NO customer support. Been using Nuendo since it came out. Good thing I never needed support help before.