Nuendo 11 ( Bug) media bay

Hi, on my Mac the f5 media bay works fine however the right hand side media section tab does not seem to display waveform of my samples folder. When clicking it will go into all the folders but the bottom window does not show any sample waveforms… Reveal in finder shows them.
However it all works fine in the main media bay, f5.
If I open Nuendo 10.3 the right hand side media is all fine and working as expected.
Mac mini 2018 Mojave.

I thought I had already resolved this… I needed to rescan my library for the right hand side to work properly although media bay full window was working as expected anyway. Strange not sure why this was behaving like this but hey ho…

I never get really used to the right hand area media bay…
it confuses me a lot that some clicks do things I don’t expect

It still seems very slow although I have re-scanned all my drives. Never had this problem in Cubase or Nuendo 10.3.
There seems to be a delay of around 5 seconds or so when opening folders within the media rack.