Nuendo 11 changing/deleting outputs on opening of projects

Here’s an interesting one. I’m using Nuendo 11.0.20. When I open a Nuendo 10 project, Nuendo 11 changes the routing of some of my premix groups. Instead of going to my stems, it changes to the master outputs, so my stems end up missing things like the music mix.
I did a Dolby Atmos mix setup using all the new Atmos tools in N11. Everytime I open the N11 project, the Atmos renderer on the master 7.1.4 output prevents audio from coming out. I need to remove and re-insert it. After a few days of this, this no longer fixes the issue. I had to re-build the entire Dolby Atmos project to get everything back.
And lastly, using the ambidecoder to create a binaural output for reviews, everytime I open the N11 project, the master outputs of my group tracks are unassigned. I have to re-assign them to the master 7.1.4 output bus.
Anyone else experiencing this? This will need to be fixed quite quickly in new releases.

I’m on Windows 10.