Nuendo 11 - changing tempo in a complex wave edit file doesn't work

Hi - Help.
Client wants tempo changed in a complex mix with 250 different wave files cut together on 30 different tracks.

I’ve tried changing all to musical and then changing the tempo, but things aren’t lining up.

Any suggestions ?

First, I would create a rough mix, and play with changing its tempo, until the client hears / feels exactly the correct tempo.

Then, I recommend you use something like Serato Pitch N Time Pro, which is a plug in that can change tempo without changing pitch (important!) in a good way. I’ve been able to change tempo quite a bit from the original, without artifacts.

I recommend you render each track first, so they are all one long song length file on each track of the same length, and do the tempo change on a copy of that. It should save some time rather than individually taking each clip on each track… which would be extremely time consuming. You’d be changing the tempo on all 30 tracks at once with this plug in, as long as all are the same length, they will all change correctly to the new tempo. You can get rid of silences afterwards.

Was hoping there would be an easier solution, but thanks!
Also that plugin is eye-wateringly expensive :slight_smile:

You can try using the Nuendo stuff… I have not needed to use it so far so I don’t know if it is any good.