Nuendo 11 Crash on Import Audio from project

Hi guys

I have a basic stereo project with Dialogue, Music, Ambiance/Buzz and SFX Groups.
The only plugins are on my DX Group : Postfilter for low roll off, Waves V-Comp and RX 8 Dialogue denoiser
On Music group I have a standard Nuendo compressor for music sidechaining.
On output bus I have a brick wall limiter.
When I try to import audio from another project, Nuendo crashes on the import.
The other project has no plugins or anything, It contains mono and stereo tracks with Ambiance and SFX clips
Nuendo often crashes when we try to import audio from projects so we almost never use it.
We just open the other project and drag clips over into existing.
It would be interesting to know if anyone else have the same problem?
All our DAW’s have the same setup: Win 10 Pro on i7 PC’s with Firecface UC Soundcards. All running N11


Nuendo 64bit 2021.4.12 (1.1 MB)

there were stability issues reported with RX

We are well versed in RX problems: Junk Waveforms. Offline processes that goes missing when you open your project on other machines etc.
Will test without the RX plugin