Nuendo 11 Crash on Scanning VST2

I am new to Nuendo here, Just installed it today, everything was fine until I started to scan for 3rd party VST plugin, it keep crashing. On 3 different DAW the VST working just fine, but on Nuendo 11, it always crash.
What did I do wrong?
The plugin was iZotope VST2 and 3. and I am on Windows 10 64 bit.


Remove all the vst2 plugins.
They are not supported anymore.



Thanks very much Fredo.
I managed to find a workaround, not sure why it works the way it works. I just have to move all VST from the folder, then manually add them back 1 by 1, and rescan 1 by 1, then it just works. Cost me about 1h to do that. :joy:

VST2 isn’t supported anymore.
And -in the case of iZotope (which ahs VST2 and VST3 versions) you should only install the VST3 version, 'cause having both at the same time will get you into trouble.


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