Nuendo 11, crashing... a lot

Am I just unlucky or are anyone else experiencing more crashes with N11? I’m guessing I’m up 5 - 10 times more often, freeze then crash or just suddenly crash and then gone.

I’m on freshly installed Win10.

And when opening the back up file I get the message it’s an invalid project file and the whole thing is deleted… brilliant.

Did you update the OS?

Hi, yeah it’s on auto so it’s probably the latest version.

Have you got optional updates, as well, quality updates installed too?

Alex, I think you should place a piece of paper and a pen next to your workstation and every time this happens to you write down what you just did right before it crashed. Try to remember a few “steps back” if you can. Then see if there’s a pattern.

Then try to recreate the crash on your end and if you can make Nuendo crash consistently doing that series of steps then post them here so we can try and confirm that it’s a Nuendo problem and not ‘just’ your workstation.


Hello Alex
Lot of possibilities:-)
First OS, is ok
Plugins Without foreign Plugs also Problems?
Next Step Hardware.
Try only for testing the generic asio
Temperature of your computer
works and older Nuendo?
is your network working with Nuendo?
any Remote?
onetime I have had a bad USB cable, check this also.
to give you hope, 99% of the mistake sits in front of the --------------computer
Nuendo is not perfect, but one of the good programs.
I work sometimes a week without any trouble.
the most critical point is the internet.
if your system is working
never go online, and your system is save.
no update, no problem.
I use drive clone for backup.
so I can restore a working OS really quick.
Then nuendo,then hardware, then plugs, and also midiect…
but first the computer has to be save and stable, no hardware without working
drivers, then the software.
All the updates and internetrequests are not good (Adobe, Microsoft…)
they check permanent your system, but you need not the newest Word or Exel to make music
hope it helps

I completely and totally agree with this. Things were pretty stable on 10. Today I spent the entire day booting, rebooting, unplugging various USB instruments and updating drivers, only to have Nuendo crash on booting up, or crash when loading the project, or crash when I would take a hit off my meds to calm me down. It just doesn’t end. Clean boot, clean preferences, doesn’t matter, especially when you try working with a template that includes Dolby Renderer. It’s just a nightmare. I would be thoroughly embarrassed if a client had been here today.

check the temperature, the renderer is heavy, maybe your system is too hot

Thanks for the feedback guys, been with the game since Nuendo 3 so I’ve done my fair share of troubleshooting. :wink: It’s just that I’m getting crashes I’ve never seen before and 5-10 times as often. Look at the attached picture, this is what happened to the project file when Nuendo tried to open a backup.

looks a little bit like a problem in saving and reading from the drive
have you checked your drive?
because all the problems are not normal, this is a sign to check the vulnerable Hardware

I’m working off a server.

The bak file is there and fine, but when Nuendo is converting it to a NPR file it crashes and the file is deleted.

Where can I find the log file? Maybe someone should have a look at this…

have you tried to open the nuendo 11 file, also bak on a different computer?
with a working nuendo
is your system online?
this is the road to all the nuendo basics

The best way to avoid this scenario, is to keep old project current, i.e., as you update the DAW, update your projects as well.