Nuendo 11 crossgrade con problemi

I’m Roberto Ventura

On April 8, 2022 I bought the Nuendo 11 Crossgrade from my Cubase Pro 11

The code doesn’t work, yet I have the Cubase Pro 11 fully functional in the key

Can you do me this kindness as soon as possible, I would not like to miss the possibility of the free Nuendo 12 in the period of grace

I’ve been your Cubase customer for 22 years, I started in 2000 with the Cubase VST 3.7r on PC, I’ve always updated up to Cubase Pro 12 on iMac

I wrote to both Nuendo technical support and Cubase support for days, no answer

Would I keep us if you can help me on the forum?

Waiting for your kindness, I wish you all a peaceful Easter

“I’ve always updated up to Cubase Pro 12 on iMac”

Hi Roberto
Correct me if I am wrong but It looks to me that you upgraded Cubase pro 11 to Cubase Pro 12?? If that’s correct, then you can’t crossgrade from Cubase pro 11 to Nuendo 11. Im sure someone from Steinberg will come along and chip in.

All the best

Cubase Pro 11 is licensed on a new USB stick, Cubase Pro 12 is working under an internet license (Steinberg Maneger)

Why couldn’t I?

Do you say that the license of the Cubase Pro 11 was used to have the Cubase Pro 12? Do you mean that? So why do they both work? Shouldn’t the Cubase Pro 11 open again? But it’s not so

Tomorrow I try to open Steinberg Download Assistent and then have the key maintained to have the licenses unlocked in the background, I try again with the crossgrade license that arrived on April 8 by email that this week has not been accepted

For me tomorrow Nuendo 12 comes out Steinberg’s gift for Easter, probably everything will become easier using Steinberg Maneger by having the analysis done if I am entitled to Nuendo 12 for free

Finally, it never happened to me that technical support does not answer me, usually the next day as did the Steinberg store that I wrote the other. Yesterday, no more than two days

Anyway, thank you for having answered me

Hi Roberto, Unfortunately you can’t use Cubase pro 11 to crossgrade to Nuendo 11 as you had already used it to update to Cubase pro 12. Am I understanding you correctly??
I was in the same situation, but now fully understand the position…follow this link to read all about it. Happy reading and a Happy forthcoming Easter to you

Then I’ll have to get refunded from the Steinberg store, I’ll have to wait for the next Nuendo 13 when Cubase Pro 12 is worth as a crossgrade

I bona fidely made a purchase with a discount of 20% wrong on April 8th 22

How sorry I was, I cared about it, I spent it too, not having activated it Nuendo 11 I should be refunded

What a pity

Im hoping a crossgrade to Nuendo 12 will be available on release, otherwise I will be having a long wait also !! Have a chat with support . Im sure they will give a far better explanation than I have and hopefully refund your crossgrade purchase…

All the best

Is this the obstacle because the crossgrade queue doesn’t work for me?

If someone from the Steinberg team answers me on this forum seeing the image that it is confirmed that I made the wrong purchase, I will write to the store to start the refund

Here’s the answer I was looking for thanks to the Nuendo forum

Happy Easter again