Nuendo 11 First Teaser

Dear Nuendo friends,

I’m happy to announce the availability of the first Nuendo 11 Teaser video!
Have a look here: NUENDO 11 First Teaser

Nuendo 11 is in the making! To shorten the waiting time, we have arranged a Nuendo 11 Preview event for you. In previous years,
we’ve been travelling the world to meet you on-site, but that’s impossible at the moment due to the current travel restrictions.
That’s why this time the Nuendo World Tour will go online, so please make sure to not miss the first stop: NUENDO 11 Streaming Event

All the best,

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Congratulations Steinberg.

Now let’s see how many people click on “Download Trial Version” at , thinking it’s already Nuendo 11.


Great news ! In december finally,… The promise of closer releases to Cubase will be kept. You guys rock.
Thank you.

I clicked on it. LOL

Thank you Timo, is there any link to join the stream? Like a YouTube link or something?

All the new features look very promising and useful!
Is there any chance to finally get rid off all the Eucon bugs in Nuendo 11?
All these Eucon issues exist now for years - there is no way to work with Eucon based controllers in a professional way.
But this was always a selling point from Steinberg and Avid! So please finally redeem all the frustrated users after years and make Eucon finally work as it should!

Thanks and all the best

I’m willing to bet this isn’t going to happen - C11 Eucon driver is the same one as in C10.5 which is the same one as in N10.3. So it seems no real development has gone into it. I can’t see why they would hold it back for the N11 release. I very rarely get crashes but it’s usually the Eucon driver that crashes…it’s a feature.

You can see on the video some of the stuff that’s going to be included:

The new plugs that C11 has (mainly covered by 3rd party for most)
Spectralayers One (assumed we’d all bought SL7 PRO?)
A new intelligibility plug
Dolby Atmos more built in - assume you can do object mixing ITB - no need for Atmos producer/mastering

plus some of the minor improvements of C11 - ARA2 working properly - HiDPI (nearly working)

They may be holding some MAJOR feature back but they seem to be leading on the Atmos stuff.

We’ll find out soon enough

Looks promising for sure, although I do have one question for Timo. Cubase 11 has eliminated support for the Houston Controller, so I am wondering if that applies to Nuendo also? I own and use both programs with the Houston, which has been a reliable and deeply integrated controller these past eighteen years. An immediate heads-up would be appreciated so we can consider alternatives.

Thank you.

Great stuff!!

Awesome, it gave me a woody


I don’t have problems with crashing Eucon…
but all the bugs like the “mixer mirror” issue since years, are the main problems for me.
So Nuendo in combination with an Avid controller is useless for a professional and fast worklfow in post (and music imho)!


Timo responded to the Eucon questions in another thread - essentially said it’s Avid’s problem. And thus the circle is complete :slight_smile:

FWIW I should try and get a memory dump if i can force a Eucon crash - Normally dragging audio parts to create new crashes. Windows event viewer show the crash is in Eucon - not sure if it generates a .dmp.

Seems kinda pointless as there seems to be little will from SB to fix things like this. They would rather spend that time coding a multiband compressor. Not to worry they provide a perfectly excellent remote app of their own…IC pro…oh hang on :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I’m so looking forward to this!

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Update looks great! Can’t wait! :smiley:

As others have mentioned, some love for Eucon would be nice. While I don’t have crashes, some integration between show/hide states and recalling mixer layout assignments etc. would be nice.

:clap: :clap: :clap: Exciting!

+1 :sunglasses:

Hey Timo,

Just thought it might be worth a mention…I clicked on the event on YouTube for a reminder and despite all signage saying the event is on the 24th, the video says it will stream live on the 23rd. Might want to double check that.


Hi Scott,

Thank you for the hint, we’ll have a look!