Nuendo 11 installation bug on my lenovo notebook

the shop version of nuendo 11 caused a real problem on one of my machines, a lenovo i7 16gb notebook, win 10 pro. ,ay be, it’s not the latest build of win 10 pro, but installation of nuendo 11 is impossible and breaks down with enclosed error shown:

-just have a view to the enclosed picture.

tried already several things and will keep on track. finding a solution, I’öö be bag at once but in the moment IÄm thabkfull for any proposal

best - Udo

sorry, firgot the picture :wink:

is there an y chance to upload a file??? where???

okay, here is the german (sorry) error report:
Installation von Nuendo fehlgeschlagen.

Für das Produkt Steinberg Library Manager wurde kein Installationspaket gefunde.
Wiederholen Sie die Installation und verwenden Sie dabei eine gültige Kopie des Installationspakets “Steinberg Nuendo 11”.

shortly said: library manager AND installation files are not valid. downloaded both twice, elicenser software up to date; so, what’s the reason?

best - Udo

you can ask the German part of the Forum as well

… is there a national segregation in the forum?

complete win10pro system update
reinstallation of nuendo 10.3.
elicenser software up to date
library manager up to date
steinberg downloader up to date
download of nuendo installation file twice to two different hdd’s
error on installation remains the same
what can I do else?
best - Udo

yes, for German

sounds intelligent :wink:
can you tell me more?

try this
Can you start the installation as administrator?

Got the problem solved by deinstalling halion and steinberg library manager and some , I think it were pref files I found. Then I installed the newest library manger and the installation succeeded. Don’t remember, whether I did it in admin state, but better do so.

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