Nuendo 11 launches from the Crash Menu


Nuendo keeps launching with the crash option screen. However, when I last closed the application, there wasn’t any visible crash. It closed as normal. Has anyone experienced this? What did you do to resolve it?

Windows or OSX?

On Win I’d open up task manager and verify that all of Nuendo has quit before shutting down the computer. Also try to close projects before quitting as opposed to just quitting with a project opened and then hitting “save” on exit. I think I’ve had a case or two where I accidentally shut down before it completely exited. Other than that I have no idea.

Thanks for the tip. However, it is still hanging on closing of a project.

Ok, you didn’t mention that it hangs. If it hangs when you’re closing a project then I wouldn’t be surprised if some settings aren’t properly saved and therefore a ‘flag’ is set to open in “safe mode”.

You mean “safe mode” when you write “crash menu”, right?.. This:


My apologies for using the wrong terms. But, yes, it hangs and brings up the “Safe Mode” screen when I launch Nuendo.

Do you know how to get the settings to save properly? I’m not quite sure what you mean by this, so don’t feel bad if you need to dumb it down for me. Lol.

Well if there’s the one project that always hangs and if it triggers the safe mode boot then I would guess don’t close that project to avoid it hanging - which in turn I suppose means troubleshooting that project. Maybe some weird plugins are acting up on closing and perhaps you could try to do a save-as with or without all of the tracks… or maybe there’s an issue with drive permissions. I literally wouldn’t know.

I know that when Nuendo repeatedly has booted ‘safe’ I’ve simply opened a project that I know boots fine and closes fine and then saved it, closed it, and then I quit Nuendo. After that successful procedure I don’t get ‘safe mode’ any longer.