Nuendo 11 often hangs on quit

I remember Nuendo 8 had a lot of problems where it would hang when quitting. N10 seemed to work fine for me without that issue. Now, it appears something may be going on with N11. I am running the latest release. I have a feeling it may come down to some plugin not letting go when trying to quit. I don’t want to blow away my preferences and have to rebuild plugin manager. It’s taken me a long time to sort through all the plugins and organize so I can work faster. I’m noticing this happens most often if I work on a couple different projects during the same session. I do close each project before opening a different one.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Same Here. Sometimes it hangs and then crashes.
After that I’ve noticed I’ve a new session file with _01, which means Nuendo made a session from the last .bak file…


That use to happen to me in N10. It has not happened yet using N11.

Same here on N11 latest update.