Nuendo 11 Patchnames Bug?

I have tried every method I know to take my patchnames file for my synths (copied from my working 10.3 folder) and place them so that they show up as an install option in 11. I can’t say how frustrating it is to have all of my synth’s patches named and routed correctly in songs I did in 10.3 that now aren’t even seeing the synth’s patchname file in the Add Midi Devices dialog, and not showing up as the correct synth in the song when the file from 10.3 opens in 11.

Can someone please tell me why these custom patchname files aren’t recognized? This smells like a bug to me - there shouldn’t be a reason why they show up in 10.3 and yet they don’t in 11. I even copied the patchnames folder from 10.3, temporarily renamed the patchnames folder that came with 11, and tested to see if my synth patchname lists showed up in the list. They do not, even after a restart - which tells me that 11 may not even be looking for new entries, or that it just isn’t working correctly and not even bothering to check for new entries in the folder.

While this issue isn’t a big deal to some, it is a huge deal to those of us who like being able to call up our hardware synth sounds easily and know they will be retained in a song even if an upgrade happens. PLEASE help me fix this!

Hi. I made those patchname files by myself as well a long time ago. I noticed that internal structure of those files sometimes changes from time to time or from Cubendo version to version. And all you would do is to adapt your file to new structure. Did you open it in text editor to see the difference if any?
If you send me one of your problem file I could try to make it acceptable by Nuendo 11. I don’t promise that I surely would do it but it’s no hurt to try)