Nuendo 11 Print/Export different than mix

Working on Windows 10, with Nuendo 11. Using IK Multimedia’s Hammond organ with Leslie.

Mixing sounds great. Export file removes the Leslie effect (which is built into the plugin) or notes stick, or Leslie stuck all the way through it.

Cannot reproduce in Nuendo 10.3, using same npr file…mixing and exporting work as expected.

Any ideas?


out of interest - does it make any difference if you use “real time export” ?

Thank you for the suggestion!

Just tested. No difference.

Works in 10.3. Destroys Leslie effect in 11.0. Realtime or not.

there has lots of talk over the years about mixdown being different from realtime playback. Normally directed to midi playback of VSTi

worrying when that kind of thing happens

what happens if you render that track first ?

Rendering/solo printing the track has the same affect. No Leslie, stuck notes, or gibberish Leslie stuck on.

And again only on Nuendo 11. Nuendo 10.3 renders, prints, and sounds as should on all tracks.

Thus far, this has been the only noticeable situation, besides this project taking much longer to load. I may begin testing other projects to see if I have any issues. (I have been in other projects, but they are not as far along as this one.)

Thanks again for giving me options to consider or try. The last time I reported something like this, the plugin dev (Tone2) discovered something they had to change and did an update. But this is IK Multimedia…heh, good company, but seemingly quick to pass the buck (IMO).


but if it works in nuendo 10.3 …
I’d put in a support ticket - this kind of thing needs fixing IMO…

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Just as a note…this is still broken. I have contacted Steinberg and IK support.

Steinberg was quick to respond with some good suggestions, but none worked.

I was able to do one successful thing with it: if I FREEZE the track and unload the instrument (in a single process, by checking Unload plugin) it renders very close to what I played (some sustained notes don’t last as long). This is a temp fix to get me through a track, but I do hope the two companies can get together on this and get a fix for me.

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