Nuendo 11 release - when?

Wasn’t Nuendo 11 due to be released today?

nope - tomorrow

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Thanks in advance for tomorrow (10,3 owner who can’t wait :wink: )

Yes, tomorrow it will be :-)!


I’m also going to post the full feature list tomorrow.


What time? :grin:

We’ll probably be online early afternoon CET.


Look very much forward to this!

Day one upgrade for me… big Thanks to the Dev team! Steinberg is the best!

Looking forward to it. I hope it comes with a plugin that lets me turn the volume up to 11. I was a little disappointed that the current version only lets me turn the volume up to 10.3.

Wake up @TimoWildenhain Rise & Shine! :partying_face: Here’s some whiskey :tumbler_glass: for you!

Oh yeah :sunglasses: :sunglasses:
I’ve been waiting for an update since the release of C11 :rocket:

Always nice with a bit of excitement.
Looking forward to a lot of the already announced features.
I’m sure 11 will be an amazing version!

Oh yes, I’m up and running already since 7am :slight_smile:
If you like the new update it’s going to be Whisky time! If not, still water :laughing:


@TimoWildenhain. What time is it going live - are you still aiming for mid afternoon…


have you beefed up the elicencer servers since the cubase 11 fun and games ?

Yes, we still plan for afternoon. And yes, servers are prepared :wink:


Good luck with the launch and we’re very much looking forward to seeing what you’ve been working on.

I have it and am very please with Nuendo 11.

Update about yesterday.
I’m with the ‘‘Eleven’’ Beast this morning :wink:
Timo? And of course, all Steinberg staff behind Nuendo? Thank you so much guys for all your work.

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