Nuendo 11 Smaller Features?

Anyone come across any of the ‘various’ workflow improvements in N11?

I get the need for the tent pole features but Dolby Atmos is so far away from my work requirements it’s laughable.

Are the any editing improvements? Selectable multi tool choices? Sortable track order? Ripple edit (lol) ? 2 up video playback? Does DOP work with handles properly yet?

It would be nice to have something for the upgrade price.

Marker lines is a HUGE small feature for me.


A huge feature if not the best feature for me as well, helps line events to markers and get a good overview of what needs to be exported.

Anyone find a list of the smaller improvements yet?

Some smaller features may be listed here (among the big features) that you may find useful.

Delay compensation for Midi clock driven external instruments is the biggest update for me. Now you can drive drum machines and groove boxes as external insts and can insert any buffered plugin without causing latency problems.