Nuendo 11 - Spectralayers One- disappointing

Just updated to Nuendo 11 …

I was mainly interested in Spectralayers One, which I know is a cut down version of the product, but I really think that since Nuendo is “the most advanced audio post-production solution available” Steinberg could have been a bit more generous with its functionality. I mean at least give us the Voice Denoise process … because you know… Post Production. But it’s exactly the same as in Cubase at half the price… so yeah. Disappointing.

I know all you Atmos users are happy with N.11 but I want some less glam enhancements for my update money, which this year has been comprehensively glam-less. But SB’s got my cash now so that’s that. Not feeling great about the purchase really.

How about a mid-year upgrade to SL please? Cubase could have Spectralayers One, Nuendo Spectralayers Two, with one or two extra processes useful in Post … especially Voice DeNoise!