Nuendo 11 student version upgrade

I plan to buy Nuendo 11 student version. To keep using the program after I graduate I have to upgrade it then to full version. At the shop I do not see upgrade option from student Nuendo 11 to full Nuendo 11. How much would it cost?

The way it works is that when a new version comes out after you’re no longer in school, you buy the update and once applied your license becomes a retail license. There’s no upgrade from edu to retail per se.

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I see. In case You mean next full version - it might take years. I guess there should be a way I could use the software after my graduation and before next full version release as well. But how?

The paid updates come out once a year in November or early December.

There are no limitations to your use of a Cubase educational license at all. The only limitations are that you can’t sell the license, and that you’re not supposed to make money with the output you create.

Ok. If I graduate at spring that means half a year (till November) without possibility to upgrade to license that would allow me to start making money with Nuendo, or actually just use it as well. The option is to buy student version now and to buy full version at spring, what would make little sense. Seems it is better just to collect till I can buy full.