Nuendo 11 - using unused Nuendo 10 crossgrade activation code

I have a Nuendo 10 crossgrade code from Cubase Pro that I bought in the sale earlier this year that I put to one side, intending to wait for the release of Nuendo 11. I went to use this code today only to find that eLicenser Control Center says I do not have a qualifying licence. The problem is that I upgraded Cubase Pro 10.5 to Cubase Pro 11, thinking that the release of Nuendo 11 would be further in the future.

Is it possible for Steinberg to adjust the licensing system so that my Cubase Pro 11 licence can be upgraded to Nuendo 11 using this code? I hope that I don’t have to buy a used licence for an older version of Cubase in order to use this upgrade.

Hi David, we’re going to look into this. I’ll send you a PM very soon.


Hi Timo.

I’m having the exact same problem David is having, I had purchased the cross-grade back in July so I can have a second license for Nuendo, getting the same. " No upgradable license…" message.

Thank you so much.

Thanks @TimoWildenhain - I look forward to hearing from you.

Hi Dani,
thanks for letting me know.

I think we have a problem with the Cubase CG and the Grace Period. We’re on it.


Hi @TimoWildenhain.

Any updates on when we are going to be able to use our C11 to N11 cross-grade code, it’s still showing as “not upgradable” in the eLicenser.

Thank you very much!


Hi Dani, hi David, et al,
it should now be possible to upgrade to Nuendo from Cubase considering Grace Period codes.
Please do the following:

Please start the Steinberg Download Assistant
Click on the “maintenance button” within the eLicenser Control center.

In both cases, the license server will automatically update the license databank in the background
so that the Crossgrade code is accepted.

Again, sorry for the inconvenience.

Warm Regards,

Thanks, @TimoWildenhain. I have now successfully upgraded my Cubase Pro 11 licence to Nuendo 11 using the unused Nuendo 10 crossgrade activation code purchased in the 20th anniversary sale. Your updates and support have been greatly appreciated.

Great to hear it worked! Again, sorry for the inconvenience - and welcome to the Nuendo family.

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Thanks Timo, all good now.


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I’m having a similar problem, my Cubase Pro 11 is in Grace period, and does not accept the licence activation to crossgrade to Nuendo 11.

I tried the maintenance knob and several times from within Download Manager, but I’m not getting any further. My crossgrade code is not accepted.