Nuendo 12.0.30 M1 Max (Rosetta Mode) - Crash festival deleting tracks + Import Track presets

Yes, a crash festival, every time I delete and audio or instrument track I have to save the session because it’ll crash the program (very often…).
In copy you’ll find the .json, one with a crash after deleting an empty audio track, and the other one after adding a Vienna Synchron instance with Import Track Preset…

I have these plugins (latest version and of course original)

Kontakt 6.7.1 + All the Native instruments included in the Komplete Ultimate bundle
Omnisphere and Trillian
Sine Player
Synchron Player
Vienna instruments Pro 2
Pro q2 / 3, Pro R and Pro C. 2 ( fabfilter)
Cinematic rooms pro
Symphony, R4, Nimbus and Excalibur (Exponential Audio)
Rx 9, Ozone 9, Nectar 3 from Izotope
and Waves (v14) 6 or 7 plugins.

I’ve spent many hours restarting the app and I just need and Update or any tip because it’s hard to work like this…

Json + trackpreset

A few ideas:

  • start with a blank project and see if the problem exists with zero plugins and just one track.
  • try disabling plugins by brand to isolate if one in particular is causing this.
  • try moving your nuendo prefs to the desktop forcing all new prefs to be written. If it doesn’t solve the problem you can just put them back.


Thanks for the advice! I’ve move out all the VST2 Plugins and many VST3 (I think is Native instruments the problem, Kontakt is OK but perhaps Battery or other NI plugin…