Nuendo 12.0.30 still crashing on exit

Nuendo 12.0.30 still crashing on exit.
Mac OS Monterey 12.4
MacBook Pro I7 Quadcore 2.7

I recommend you use Onyx for Mac, and do a full suite of maintenance on your machine with it.


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Isn’t the crash on exit an VST that isn’t closing down properly? That seems to be the thought with it

I’ve removed most of my VST2 plugins. Obviously all of my UAD’s are still VST2 (!!!). And a few others. My other plugins seem to be behaving okay. But of course I’ll keep checking.

I use “Clean My Mac”. Isn’t that a similar program that does the same thing?

Nope. Onyx does specific Mac OS maintenance tasks, like repairing file permissions, checking drive integrity, and other under the hood stuff. I have used it since it came out over 10 years ago. Keeps the operating system running smoothly, without having to know too much about it. It only runs when you run it. Does not have anything running in the background at all.

I stay away from apps that are running in the background, like Clean My Mac. They tend to cause problems with DAWs running at the same time.


I didn’t know it was running in the background. I run it manually when I want to check things.

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I got Onyx - which maintenance functions do you run?

Once a month, all of them, except those mail and disk position things. I don’t use the Mac mail app anyways.

Thanks much!!!

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