Nuendo 12.0.40 Bug in markerwindow

Hey there,

I faced a bug in the markerwindow during filtering the view of markers. I filtered on role-names and everytime i push the button for “set marker start to cursor” to modify the start to a more forward position, the filtering is still active, but all role-named markers will shown up. Is this an option i did not figured out yet or a bug? If it is a bug, is this a know bug?

Thanks in advise.

Greetings, Joe

No one has the same issue?

Hi Joe,
we are having the same problems. Everytime we cut or duplicate cycle marker, the list gets filled up with all roles, while the filter is still active. Quick workaround is, to newly sort the list with clicking in the time column - the filter will revert to the “filtered role”. Very disturbing - but I don’t know if it’s a new bug, as we are relatively new to Nuendo.


This seems to be a new bug caused to the redesign of the markerwindow. Ist there Someone from Steinberg can confirm this?

I’ve also noted that when typing in the description and hit enter, I get a blank as of nothing has been entered .

I have another problem with the “Marker Track Inspector”: We sometimes add extensive descriptions to our markers. But unfortunately it is not possible to expand the corresponding column over the whole window width. At some point it just ends, although there is still a lot of free space to the right of it. Does anyone have the same problem? Or does anyone know a solution for it?

Marker Track Inspector