Nuendo 12.0.50 Maintenance Update

… hmmmm … the answer seems to be a “NO” in both cases, unless there are no hidden prefs that would take care for those issues from the stone-age. :frowning:

Just a heads up that when you connect tracks to a VCA they lose their ability to have sample accurate automation.

Where do you see this? Or where can we read about it?

Great to see another update, thanks!!

yeah i don’t see any change here as well. it just lines up all the files on one track in series.
@Luis_Dongo can you or anyone else explain how this is supposed to work. i can’t think of another ‘importing split wave files by drag and drop’ situation this ‘fix’ might refer to. This is an annoying ‘workflow’ in nuendo and coming from PT is something i’d love to see changed/fixed.

BTW lovely to see my AKAI MPKmini mk2 supported :slight_smile:

It’s easy to test with a session. Do some fast automation and record the result (it should be sample accurate) then connect the audio track to a VCA (it doesn’t need to be doing anything) and do the same. It’s no longer sample accurate and automation has a fade in/out and is random as to the position like it was before we had sample accurate automation.

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Hi ,
after uploadning the update, there are several errors.
1 . Names effects and groups tracks are not visible.
2 In the channel settings window. Information about the name of the input signal ins not updating.

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How do you describe “fade in/out and is random” ?

I tried it, see screenshot.
Automation prezision set to 1 sample.

Dark green track is source with hard automation.

Light Track is audio export, no VCA involved. (sample accurate)
Red Track with source Track assigned to VCA, no Automation on VCA.
Yellow Track is with source Track assigned to VCA but “VCA connection deactivated”.
Blue Track is with source Track unassigned again from VCA.

Roughly measured differences in the area of 200-400 samples. About 4-8ms difference at48kHz.
Tested on my Laptop with ASIO4all and 512 Samples Buffersize.

This is not sample accurate automation.

It looks entirely sample accurate except for the beginning and/or end.

I wonder if this is related to buffering.

Your strange results on the blue track are due to another bug, when you set the Link to None after doing a render with the VCA Link active, and the automation being read on the audio Track, the render will still (and wrongly) take the buffer parameter into account, although there is no smooth fade, it ends abruptly (as shown on your image). If you disable Read automation and enable it again then the bug will no longer occur on next render. If there’s a bug it’s only that one.

In any case, when a VCA is assigned to the Track, it indeed breaks the “sample accurate” automation, but it doesn’t look like an actual bug to me.
It seems that it (the sample accurate automation) has only been implemented for audio tracks (Audio, Group, FX and Instrument) and not for the VCA, and since the VCA position is always being read in real time before the audio track fader, it applies its own automation law (because of the Link being active, it is the VCA that takes control the audio track, even if the VCA isn’t automated).
That’s a huge design flaw actually, VCA should be sample accurate too.

Really ? The audio has 300 samples of fade and you say it is sample accurate ?
The classic automation (not sample accurate) is indeed based on the buffer size.
The automation fades in/out around automation nodes, and if you use large buffers like 2048 you would see that the length of the fade increases greatly.
Without VCA, it is sample accurate, the automation nodes can affect up to a single sample, as seen on the screenshot (green track), the audio fades out exactly at the automation node position if you set the accuracy to 1 sample.

Sample Accurate Volume Automation

  • The new Volume Automation Precision function allows for volume automation that is 100% sample accurate, regardless of the buffer size. You can set the number of samples after which a new volume automation event is processed. The automation curve between the processed events is interpolated. This smoothens transitions between automation events and prevents sudden jumps which may lead to crackles. See Audio System Page.

Volume Automation Precision

  • Allows you to set the number of samples after which a new volume automation event is processed. The automation curve between the processed events is interpolated. This smoothens transitions between automation events and prevents sudden jumps which may lead to crackles.
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Oh I see now. I had my coffee. I was looking only at the waveforms and not at the instantaneous automation that dropped level to -infinity. So the waveforms looked accurate except for that in/out point.

You’re right.


Since the update, I’m losing the MIDI remote script of my Novation Launchkey 37 MK3. I use it to control the quick controls.
I worked great before, never had any issue. And now, the script loads only once out of ten, or disappeared randomly 5 minutes later.

Am I the only one ?

I tried several USB ports, changed the cable, restarted the computer, etc.


HI!, I’ve had many crashes since I update to 12.0.51, 12.0.50 worked perfect to me, I can’t find the download link, can someone share with me?, I’m running Mac m1 Max

Edit: I could find it in Time machine, I had many problems with my Novation Launchkey mk3, every time I pushed Novation Shift Key Nuendo 12.0.51 Crash… I don’t have this problem with the old 12.0.50.


you should probably make Nuendo 12.0.50 available for download as you have for Cubase

Done, thank’s for reminding @Dr.Strangelove :rocket::cowboy_hat_face:!

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I can confirm that after a long day composing I didn’t have a single crash or problem, so 12.0.50 is my best friend till 12.0.60 hahaha.

Haven’t noticed any problems yet either. (Except for those things that were already present in 12.0.40.) But I don’t use Midi on the laptop at the moment…