Nuendo 12.0.51 is [very] unstable


I’ve updated Nuendo from 12.0.50 to 12.0.51, and it has become [very] instable.

I keep having the message “This project will be saved as ‘XX-01.npr’, because the program is in an unstable state after crashing and saving might lead to corrupt files. The original file will be left untouched. Please restart the program after this operation!” when saving a project, whis is very annoying!

Does anyone experiencing this issue as well? I first thought it was a problem with my Launchkey Mini Mk. III, since it happens every time I pressed the “Shift” button, but now it’s turned off, but the problem persists… :sweat_smile:

there are reports of 12.0.51 being unstable

unless you need the ADM export fix then my suggestion would be to roll back to 12.0.50 - which is available on the SB support website

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unfortunately, we can confirm a bug in the MIDI remote system, causing the instability you are experiencing.
For ADM export, it is safe to use the 12.0.51 update as long as there is no MIDI remote device configured.

Another fix version is in the works and will be available very soon.


Thank you @Thorsten_Marx for this information. Do you have an idea when this fixed version will be released? In the meantime, like @Dr.Strangelove suggested, I’m going to roll back to 12.0.50, which was working like a charm! :smiling_face:


Unless you were impacted by the Atmos export problem then 12.0.51 was of no real benefit to you.

My suggestion would be to stay on 12.0.50 until there is another, properly tested (!) update available.

just to be clear - there was nothing for you in 12.0.51 if you’re not using Dolby Atmos so no disadvantage downgrading.


Same here with Launchkey 61, shift key = “Auto destruction key” haha, 12.0.50 works perfect, let’s wait the new hot fix.

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