Nuendo 12.0.70 Maintenance Update

Dear Forum members,

The 12.0.70 maintenance update for Nuendo is now available. With this update we have improved the VST 3 SDK support for plug-in developers and we’ve integrated some fixes for the track import and the MIDI Remote areas.

This update is immediately available for download via the Steinberg Download Assistant.

More details Nuendo Release Notes.

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Yeah! Better import from other Projects is a long-awaited improvement. Thx!

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Thank you Luis for update. It solve one of my issue I was facing! :+1:

Nice. And… when will vca mute button works ??? XD

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This is a great update!

I’ve been working on a series which requires complex upmix and downmix routing for 5.1 and stereo. After importing the track archives I always had to ‘re-connect’ all the sends, which took time and could lead to mistakes.

This update has fixed all of those issues with importing track archives!!! Thank you, thank you!!!

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“rename events” still not fixed. German letters like ä ö ü are still not imported. Everything worked in Nuendo 10 and was broken in version 11. The support only informs that the problem is known.

Something that still bugs me a lot since the first N12 is that the file format presets in the Export Audio Mixdown window still can’t remember an MP3 preset that is 48khz - it just jumps back to 44khz! I see in the forums this has been going on since N11. It was fine in N10.
Another thing that never worked until N12 but in this update was broken again, is for an audio channel that’s in record enable to be exported properly when in Tape Machine style transport. Surely when you export, the channel should switch to playback, and not remain in input monitor mode!