Nuendo 12 and 13 - responsiveness comparison

I’m considering updating from Nuendo 12 to 13.

Nuendo 12 becomes sluggish when i have a lot of plugins or instruments loaded. Also, some plug-ins seem to take an inordinate amount of time to load.

Have any Nuendo 13 users seen improvements with those aspects in comparison to 12?

Seems better overall to me!
I think the optimization for the newer CPUs with efficiency cores must have something to do with it.

I’m having trouble with ARA2, but other users have reported no trouble, so I think it is not generalized.

Personally I’d recommend the upgrade.

Thanks very much.

I’m happy with the upgrade. Well worth the cost.

so did you notice any improvement ?
I have some busy sessions that can take up to 8min to load !! This is a mystery to me why it takes so much time. It’s really when alot of MMS library in 5.1 are loaded. I suspect also spitfire audio players that has no purge and need to load aaaaaall samples before you play one note in your session.
Once opened all nuendo 12 is fluid and steady. still… 8min is insane.
I would love to see this drop but nuendo 13 has zero function I’m interested in.

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I do see an improvement with the overall “zippiness” and have alos noticed what seems like lenghtier load times.

There are several improvements that i find speed up my workflow and once I got in to preferences and worked with it i do like the color scheme, although it was pretty bad when I opened itfor the first time…