Nuendo 12 and SSL UF8: midi CC data is not being recorded properly

Hi fellow people :slight_smile:

I have encountered a problem and after extensive troubleshooting I am currently at a point where I guess I can’t solve it by myself.
A while ago I have set up my Orchestral template in Nuendo 12. The process was a bit tedious but I have got through it (Expression map + Mapping for my controller)
But now I have the issue that my SSL UF8 controller only changes the parameters but does not record it properly, so that I can edit it in the key editor.
The weird thing is that if the midi CC gets changed with my modwheel (with the same mapping for midi CC) it gets recorded. Even played back the UF8 faders moves accordingly.

The assignment was done via the Remote Control Editor and Quick Controls for the tracks are disabled.

I have already contacted the support from SSL and it seems that my device is not sending the crucial Midi CC data to Nuendo (at least that was the assumption/conclusion of the support)

Perhaps some of you are more knowledgable and could point me in the right direction. Thanks for reading so far and taking the time. Have a great one :wink: