Nuendo 12 and Waves plugins

These days I discovered that my Waves plugins delay the start of Nuendo significantly. After update to the current version Waves v14 it is much better. At the same time I used the support of Waves - and deinstalled and reinstalled the plugins.
I measured Nuendo’s response and Waves v14 with 8 plugins delays the start by a full 90 seconds (… scanning vst3 …). Calling the plugins in Nuendo in the insert also takes a long time.
At the same time, I notice that everything is running normally in WaveLab 11.1.

I have this problem since Nuendo 12. Especially with 12.0.30
(I changed also audio-interface with no difference)
Windows 11 / Intel i9-9900

Is it just me, or does anyone have the same problem?

90 seconds, yeah something is definitely going on. Including the Waves bundle I have around 400 plugins on my system (I regularly use probably 10…ridiculous), and Nuendo takes about 15 seconds to start up - maybe a bit less.

Do you have everything installed on an internal SSD?

If you’re using any antivirus software (Windows Defender/Security included) try adding your plugin directories to the exclusions list. This should speed up any plugin scanning.

Thank you,
I turned off Microsoft Defender and the firewall with no result.
I have 110 plugins installed, with which Nuendo starts in 9 seconds. Once Waves Plugins are installed, it’s 100 seconds. I measured that the installation of Waves MV2 alone delays the start by 40 seconds. I need this plugin daily.
The problem has only existed since Neundo 12 - and especially since 12.0.30 and Wavelab 11.1 is not affected.

We have the entire Waves catalog. Even the NX stuff (it’s trash but we bought them anyway, just to be sure). We were on Nuendo4 for years before finally updating at Nuendo8 and have stayed up to date ever since.

Back when we were on Nuendo4, Waves plugins would delay loading time of the DAW for as much as 4 minutes. The switch to Nuendo8 happened at the same time as a new PC installed in the control-room. The faster/more powerful PC seemed to be the difference-maker.

We’re running Nuendo12 w/ the entire Waves catalog (v14), UAD2, 128 inputs & 128 outputs (7.1.4 Dolby Atmos, tracking channels, & plenty of analog processing), and everything else a system of this size needs to deal with. Our loading time is around 20 seconds, give or take 5 seconds and half of that is Steinberg’s HORRIBLE new licensing system.

What are your system specs?
OS, CPU, RAM, and mobo,

Yes same here but I’m on version 13 Waves plugins at the moment. Someone on another thread reported this problem went away after updating to version 14. So thats not a given by the sounds of it.