Nuendo 12 apple silicon compatibility

Nuendo does not run on Monterey OS, only in rosetta mode. Anyone running nuendo in apple silicon mode? I have Mac studio M1 pro Monterey os. What could be the problem? (I have very common and very strange recording errors: after a few hours of recording, nuendo records 0.3 seconds later, with serious crackling, or the recording stops completely, I see empty tracks. All this without an error message. Nuendo does not freeze, after restarting again works…for a while)

I don’t know about the other issues, but I’m running Nuendo 12 on Monterey just on apple silicon. I think there may be a little glitch still happening where you have to check and uncheck the rosetta option in the get info tab for the application but after that it should run fine in native mode.

I know about this check and uncheck thing, I’ve done it several times, without success.
Which version of Monterrey os are you using?

That’s unfortunate it doesn’t seem to work for you I’m all out of ideas then, I literally just updated my nuendo to 12.0.52 and it reset that option for me so I had to re-do the uncheck and it’s back to native again. I’m on 12.3.1 with Monterey.

Thank you, for helping. My monterey is older, I think. I will try to update.

If the Rosetta check box doesn’t work, I would move the Nuendo 12 preferences folder
~/Library/Preferences/Nuendo 12
to the desktop to force Nuendo to create a new set of preferences and see if the Rosetta check box now works.

Thank you for the idea! I’ll try it,

I tried it but no success… Thank you anyway.

Nuendo still doesn’t work, only in rosetta mode…Anyone have any ideas?
Monterey, 12.36, mac studio C1 max.
(Még mindig nem müködik a nuendo, csak rosetta módban…Van valakinek ötlete?)

I’m on Mac Studio M1 Max and it works in native mode. I had to uncheck. Monterey OS 12.6.2. I have a crash sometimes but thats related to Video if I stop/start super quickly few times in a row when I’m checking sync. Other than that its rock solid. P.S. I had to uninstall UAD Spark as well because it was crashing Nuendo

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I’ve had it run fine on a MacStudio M1 Ultra. But ended up going back to Rosetta2 mode since there are multiple plugins I need that don’t native versions yet.

I did have to override it though based on their instructions so it would start in Native mode. For some reason that is not the default behavior.