Nuendo 12 audio performance in atmos

Hey everyone
Has anyone encountered audio spiking in the latest version of 12??? I have a project that has a major deadline and need any info on this issue

Same here. Unfortunately the performance in N12 as compared to N11 when working with Atmos seems to be a lot worse. Huge ASIO spikes even with just a few tracks/objects. And using DearVR Monitor for headphone monitoring is impossible. Everything works just fine in N11.

Thank God its not only me.I feel i cant really use as many tracks and grp sends.

I don’t have any issues at all working on a Mac mini 2018 in Mojave, using DearVR Pro (not monitor) What is your hardware setup which OS?
BTW have you compared Monitor to the Binaural renderer from Dolby do you feel that the CPU hit is worth the difference in sound? I ask because I have the Waves Abbey road Room plugin and that is a CPU hog and doesn’t really sound all that great. I’ve just resorted to the Binaural renderer for that reason.

I can confirm, that the renderer Plugin uses way more CPU\Asiotime on my (not mega poweful ) machine (HP Z420, Xeon 1620v2).
With N11 I can run the “NaturesFury_Reference_Session” which has a lot of objects, without problems.
With N 12 I get a way higher Asio load, spikes and dropouts.
Also the session takes 3 times longer to load.

Other non-Atmos sessions seem to have the same Asio\CPU load.


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Lets see how we can see advance this topic quickly with Steinberg
GUYS THIS IS A ISSUE.Especially now that labels are requiring Atmos mixes

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I have concluded that using the built-in binaural renderer is the preferred choice if the end user listening format is supposed to be binaural stereo through headphones. That renderer is very close to the original Dolby Renderer. DearVR Monitor, however is an excellent way of simulating different surround setups on the fly just for comparison. The ASIO Performance with either one is still poor in N12 though.

Aggred but this is mostly dealing with audio performance asio issue

BlockquoteLets see how we can see advance this topic quickly with Steinberg

Well bring some information: I responded as a Mac user but there does not seem to be a problem there… so:
If you want the attention of Steinberg, post screenshots, your exact setup (graphics cards OS versions nuendo version etc). That is the best way to help them find the source of the problem. Maybe even make a video showing the issue. Good luck finding a fix!

I’m on a Win 10 machine and have had no issues mixing in Atmos on N11 or N12. My PC was built as a 6K video editing machine so it’s quite powerful but I haven’t experienced any longer loading times or spikes. i9 intel 12 core with 128 Gig of Ram.

I am using a thunderbolt UAD interface instead of an ASIO driver though.