Nuendo 12 & Auto-Align Post 2 extension - make permanent option is not working

The only way I’m able to get Auto Align Post to work with Nuendo 12 is by doing render in place of the selected clips and then I’m losing the handle of the clips… When I try to use the Make Permanent Option either on the clip or on the track level I get silent audio clips or clips with white noise. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? This should be working as showed in this video
I also did some tests with other extension and it is working fine. I’m using the latest version of Auto-Align Post.

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Same here with Melodyne. You have to render the clips or you just get horrendous white noise. On the non-complainy side, the whole software seems a lot snappier. :slight_smile: but this bug has to be worked out pretty quickly.

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me, too!
I’ve tried both auto align post and SpectraLayers on the track level and clip level, all I got is a bunch of noise…
Please help to solve the problem as rendering the clip will not be able to restore the head and tail of those clips.

always the same problem. if we use the function “make the edition permanent” we lose the edition that we have just made.