Nuendo 12 - Bug? AudioWarp

After I turn on “Free Warp”

  1. Screen re-draw is messed up. It starts tiling bits of screen dragged behind my mouse pointer.
  2. I can not create new markers by clicking on the wave form as I used to.

I’m unable to add warp markers in the project window. When I select the free warp tool and click in the audio event, no markers are being added. It does work in the editor though. (Mac OS 10.15.7)

I figured it out. (Thanks to Greg Ondo). I need to zoom in more to see the warp markers.

Thanks but that doesn’t work. I just can not create any new anchor. I can see the ones I created in Nuendo 11 but then I can’t move them. When I move the mouse over the image of the audio the screen gets all scrambled.

With VariAudio I am also unable to do anything.

I’ve uninstalled. I’ve trashed preferences. Nothing.

Nuendo 12 works perfectly fine in studio B. In studio A I can’t use it. It’s a better Mac. I’ve even upgraded to Big Sur just in case that might help. Nothing.

I have no idea what to do.


I had to trash BOTH Nuendo 12 and Nuendo 11 preferences to make it work.
Sometimes preferences that get ported from an earlier version may create new issues.