Nuendo 12 Control Room bug?

I’m using 3-4 monitors in Control room. When I insert plugin into insert slot of 1 Monitor in Nuendo 12 the same plugin became inserted in other monitors. Why so? Is it bug? It wasn’t so in Nuendo 11.

mac or pc? On osx Big Sur i cannot reproduce that…
Screen Recording 2022-05-15 at 17.09.10

Windows 10

I asked beta team if they are aware of that. Thanks for sharing.

they are not confirming that issue on PC, maybe try to create a new project and see if keep this way.

It works here
Nuendo 12.0.20 and WIN10


Or @ST_YC, create an exact reproduction sequence so we can do exactly what you are doing to see the result.

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Make sure you insert the plugin on the upper inserts zone, never on the lower inserts zone, if you want it to be a specific monitor related.

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The issue is resolved. I’m so sorry for my carelessness. I tried to install the plugin in the Control Room insert slot instead of the Monitor slot. This slot wasn’t displayed in my previous installations of Nuendo and up slot was Monitor. Thank you for help.