Nuendo 12 Dropouts & Performance

Hi guys - im struggling a bit with N12 - my normal (not huge) sessions are getting quite a few CPU spikes and dropouts.
I was on Catalina - I thought it was that so I updated now to Monterey 12.6.1 and its exact same issue…

I have a Mac Mini 2018 and its the latest (i think .040) release of N12
No issues with Nuendo 11…

Anyone else experiencing this?

Are you using the Dolby Atmos renderer?
Or are you using files with different sample rates in your project? (See HERE for more details.)

Nope, no dolby atmos stuff! and all consisteny sample rates :confused:

Of course, this is more of a guessing game at a distance. :wink:
You write that your project is not very huge. How extensive exactly? Do you use any plug-ins? Do you always have problems or only with certain projects? Then you write that you had no problems with Nuendo 11. Do you still have the possibility to use N11? Then you could test if the same project causes problems only with Nuendo 12.

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