Nuendo 12 EUCON problems

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just installed Nuendo 12, most of the things seems to work very well… expect my eucon controllers… I can map them like for past Nuendo versions, everything is displayed right on the displays, faders work properly, but when I push buttons, nothing happens inside of Nuendo … I update firmwares, but this changed nothing. Everything works fine in Nuendo 11. I’m on Mac Pro Trashcan 12 Cores 64 Gb Ram, OS 11.6.3. (still Big Sur). The controller are MC Transport and MC Mix. Anyone experiencing the same?

Can you post this issue also in this thread please?

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I can confirm. I can connect to eucon on the Nuendo12 workstation with my Euphonix System 5 401 module. I can then add eucon channels to physical faders on the desk. I can only control the desk faders from Nuendo tracks but cannot control Nuendo faders, pans, eq’s, load plugins, etc. from the desk. I get pages of smart switches on the 401 and they all seem to work well. I have MMC with transport as well although no jog or shuttle. Play, Record FF, REV, Location all work.

Back to Nuendo 11 for now.


Uninstall EuconWS on workstations
Delete Eucon directories from C:\program files and c:\program files (x86) on DAWs
Re-install EuconWS 3.6.1
Uninstall Bonjour
Install Bonjour
Open Control Panel → Applications → Eucon → Select the correct Ethernet Adapter connected to Eucon

Seems everything is working except PAN control. Click PAN button on System 5, all knobs turn off and no PAN function. Non issue in Pro Tools or Logic

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Not sure what happened but now Eucon panning is working! The pan knobs on the S5 are now lit and Nuendo 12 panning is working and responding to the S5 knob eucon tracks. I did open Nuendo 11 prior to seeing this so maybe that was it. Hopefully not though.