Nuendo 12 Events to Markers

Ok, Steinberg. This is a game-changer. In fact, the amount of time it just saved me using it for the first time more than paid for the upgrade price, if we’re going to quantify that way.

Thank you!

And with that, I’m wondering if anybody’s had any crashing issues with it. In my first couple of tries, when getting the hang of the naming/mapping process, I found that running the process, then undoing and trying again consistently caused a crash (which was reflected in the prefs/crash dialog when restarting).

Don’t have much of a problem with this–I’ll just have to be careful–and I am running on an unsupported computer with Catalina, so there are tangible intangibles in play already. But this is a heads-up, and wondering if it’s happening for anybody else on supported systems.

Back to exporting,



The same here with Windows 11.
If I create the markers and then delete them manually, Nuendo crashes.

Well… maybe we’re onto something here…


Hi there, yes i’ve been having the same crash after deleting or undoing the markers.

Is there a fix incoming?